Music & memories with Acoustic Folk-Rock

Singchronicity formed in 2022, but the journey began long ago. Music captured the hearts and souls of Randy, Laurie & Jeni at a very young age. The music they grew up with is the music they still love today. The music of the '60s & '70s was the soundtrack of extraordinary times and memories Singchronicity continues to celebrate today. Determined to stay pure and dedicated to acoustic vocal harmonies, the trio brings their love of music from the past and present into a memorable performance today.


1968 @ 11 Years Old

It changed his life! 
It was the combination of a Yamaha 150 guitar and James Taylor. 

"I remember taking my first guitar lesson and learning You've Got A Friend. While my fingers ached from the steel strings of that new guitar, my heart was melted by acoustic wonder."  

Randy has been playing ever since. Music has shaped Randy's life, including the union with his wife Laurie as a lifelong duo. Randy has performed as a guitarist, harmonica player, and vocalist in numerous bands.

 "The songs we sing in Singchronicity evoke many memories of where I was when I first heard them. We hope the music we play and how we perform it connects our listeners to that same wonder of music and memories." 

I love being part of Singchronicity and partnering with my super-talented bandmates.


1980 @ 16 years old

For as long as she can remember, Laurie was surrounded by beautiful music.

 "I remember my mom and my aunt singing harmonies together. They were identical twins, and I loved their blend." Laurie's mom sang alto, so Laurie caught on to singing harmonies at a very young age. 

She was always part of a choir or a small ensemble and could be found in the music room creating music with friends every day during her lunch breaks in high school. She started playing guitar in 5th grade to learn enough chords to write songs.

Singing and writing songs have always been her true passion. In 1982, Laurie met her husband, Randy, a guitar player, and they started making music together. 

 "It's been a dream to be able to make music with my husband, and adding Jeni into the mix has been so much fun as we've developed our style and rich harmonies as 'Singchronicity,' but even more so, as we've developed our rich, life-long friendships!"  


1963 @ 8years old

Jeni is pretty sure she was singing harmony when she came out of the womb! It's always been her passion. 

Her family enjoyed singing together, and before she was two years old, she was dragging out the Fireside Song Book every evening after dinner, insisting on a sing-along. 

She joined her Dad at church choir practices by the time she was six, started piano lessons when she was eight, and joined the school orchestra, learning to play the violin, in fourth grade. 

From then on, Jeni has sung in choirs and at weddings, played in orchestras, and/or played and performed with other musicians throughout her life. 

"Song arranging and musical collaboration with Randy and Laurie Davison is a pure joy, and it's a gift to share this musical passion and synergy with others."

A Singchronicity Performance

A Musical trip down memory lane

A Singchronicity performance is filled with music people love, the way they love to hear it. Simple, pure, harmonious, but never overwhelming. Audiences are mesmerized by the acoustic vocal harmonies as melodies whisk them back in time. All those great songs from the 60s, 70s, and more changed our lives. Memories come flooding back as the music connects the dots from yesterday to today.

The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, The Mamas and the Papas, The Monkees, Sting, and Frank Sinatra. Throw in some original music and a few surprises, and you have a fun and entertaining event for any venue or occasion.

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